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Adrienne AG Galloway Said, You Can Eat This!

This cookbook is the best cookbook you can add to your collection because it includes healthy recipes for you to try while not compromising on taste and flavor. Celebrity Fitness Expert Adrienne AG Galloway tells you just how to cook the right meals for your diet without losing the love for food. She adds flare […]

The Trial of My Faith

While building the new facility for New Fellowship Church of Fort Worth, I learned how to properly manage my pain. During those persecution years the very same people who called me to lead as their pastor bore false witness against me and what God called me to do. I didn’t realize it then but they […]


One hundred years after World War II, the U.S. was on the verge of losing its third against Russia. However, due to a success of a military experiment, the war was won and gave rise to aviants—beings who possess power, called Houses, under the influence of atmospheric altitude and pressure. Now almost seventy years into […]

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, This is Business

Have you ever wanted to know how to get the success you need in business? Well Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, This is Business is the perfect book for you. This book helps you understand what it really takes to be successful in business including taking a look at who you are as […]