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Victory Over Visitation

Each year hundreds of families are drastically changed because of family violence. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that in the past 10 years, the growing number of family violence cases is related to child support visitation and visitation exchange. There are many laws and rules to punish those who commit such acts but very few that actually […]

Till We Meet Again by Sylvia Crim-Brown

After healing from a terrible marriage & divorce, overcoming self-doubt, raising her sons as a single parent, and finding her truth along the way, Simone Cameron thought she was ready for what love had to offer. That was until she found love where she least expect it. Charles was all Simone ever wanted, needed, and […]

T.R.U.E. Emotionz

E. Lynn Anderson shares some of her most heart felt poetry about love, family and enjoying life. This book of poetry will inspire you as well as warm your heart. Read it to uplift your spirits or share with others who needs a quick reminder that they are special.