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Feast of Tabernacle, Children's book, religious, Israel, Israelite

I’m Going To The Feast By Amina Israel

Help your child as they join Josiah and Ester on a journey to the Feast of Tabernacles, one of the many High Holy Days in the Holy Bible. Your child will enjoy coloring, reading biblical scriptures and learning prayers for the Feast of Tabernacles.

inspirational quotes, quotes, relationships, beliefs, love

Golden by DeAnthony Thompson

Out of all the various sayings that I have come up with, I am most proud of my quotes on love and
relationships. As I believe that relationships are the foundation of the community and our society. We owe it to the next generation to form healthy relationships that will last from forever.

Wisdom From The Wild By Patrick J. Diggs

Throughout this book, Diggs shows how wild animals such as the lion, lioness, lion cub, eagle, cheetah and the ant obey their God given instincts and shows Christians how if they obey their instincts to follow and obey, God will open up His blessings and abundance.

Urban fiction, fiction, murder, drugs

Hood Fetish by Derrick and Latroya Johnson

With no other choice, Tracy takes the wheel of his brother’s record label and pushes the hottest artist. In contrary, Tracy finds out that foul play was the cause of his family’s death. Instead of continuing with his plans for college, Tracy’s heart beats for revenge. He becomes what his brother shielded him from and will stop at nothing until the questions are answered … in blood.