Professional Services

Ghostwriting services can often be exactly what you need to get your manuscript ready to go to print. Unfortunately, it is the one service that many authors fail to use because of cost. That’s why BLI Publishing is on the cutting edge in the publishing industry because we have the best prices when it comes to getting your books written.

BLI Publishing’s great staff of professional writers will take your words and put them into the format you desire that will tell the perfect story to your target audience. We interview you, write to your tone and edit our work to ensure we tell the story from your perspective. You will receive our undivided attention as you tell us what you want us to write. And don’t worry… we don’t write to scandalize your name or the names of others included in your body of work.

Our services start at $20 per page. You can Contact Us for a free consultation to determine how we will create your book.

In need of editing services? Then BLI Publishing offers the right publishing services that will enable you to get your book to print faster. We work with only the best editors around the country who can return your manuscript to you in 2 weeks or less. That’s right! We are serious about producing a quality manuscript for your book publishing needs. We have several levels of editing services available to you which include simple to detailed. Our prices start at $3.75 page and go up from there.

Call our offices for a custom quote for your manuscript at 469-557-1254 or fill out the Contact Us form.