Media Services

Regardless of where you are as an author, you need media services to help the world know you are now a published author. Media coverage is a vast opportunity that you shouldn’t try to tame on your own. Fortunately, BLI Publishing will be there to help you get started and to maintain your media needs.

Our media services include Public Relations, print, radio, and television interviews as well as other interview opportunities across the country.

Public Relations

You can add BLI Publishing’s comprehensive Public Relations services to your post publishing production needs. We can offer you several opportunities to manage your career as an author which will increase your visibility as an author as well as an increase in book sales. BLI Publishing tailors its Public Relations services just for you so you don’t have to worry about going at it alone. From booking speaking opportunities to placing you in front of book clubs across the country, BLI Publishing has the right formula for your success after your book is finished and in print. We even have a pre-launch plan to assist you with exposure prior to your release date.

Television Interview

Enjoy a 30 minute interview with veteran media specialist Ivy N. McQuain as she talks to you about your book on one of her television shows, Let’s Talk or The Executive Corner. You will be able to talk about your book and why you became an author. This opportunity is a great resource to include on your website as well as your social media sites for additional exposure. If you are interested in both, no worries… you can receive a great discount.

In Print Interview

As a published author it is important to get your hand in front of readers who subscribe to magazines and newspapers and BLI Publishing can help get your book and an author interview. You’ll enjoy a full interview as well as inclusion on the publication’s website.

Online Interview

Get your book reviewed on a popular website that reaches millions of readers. Become a guest vlogger or blogger on one of our media partners across the country. BLI Publishing will help you expand your brand as an author when you tap into the power of online interviews.

Radio Interview

Get 3 interviews on various radio show that’s dedicated to authors, just like you! You can choose from online, broadcast or a combination of both. With online radio stations you can place your book in front of millions across the country. Attack your local market with broadcast radio with in-studio interviews for up to 10 minutes or more.

Press Release Services

Why not alert the media that you have a new book out? With BLI Publishing’s press release services you are able to place information regarding your book to the databases of media outlets in your local market or across the country, which is up to 500 media outlets. Your press release will be customized to your book and who you are as an author, and we will deliver it to up to 500 media outlets including print, online, television and radio outlets. Gain the coverage you are looking for today with our Press Release Services.

If you are interested in including any of these media services, then complete our Contact Us form today.