BLI Publishing has some of the best prices in the publishing industry. We offer everything you need to become an author or continue your journey as an established published author. If one of our great packages didn’t fit your needs at this moment, then don’t worry because you can use either one of our great services to help you start or finish your journey as an author.

Professional Services

Shhhhhhh! We write your book for you. Yes, that’s right. We will write your book and guess what? We don’t ever reveal that we wrote it and you don’t have to pay us royalties. You only pay the per page fee and we’re like a ghost… in the wind. Editing is imperative to the success of your book. If you don’t have editing, then you put yourself in the position of putting out work that is poorly written. You don’t want that do you? We have great rates available to make sure your book is perfect when it hits the shelves.

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Marketing Services

BLI Publishing has the best marketing services for a small sized publishing company on the market. We already give our authors five (5) hours of marketing consultation built into their packages per month to help them promote, market and advertise their books we also have great opportunities to help them create book tours, book speaking engagements and so much more. We are here after the book is created too.

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Video Production Services

Need a book trailer or have an idea to include a tutorial video with your book? BLI Publishing has a great video production department that can assist you with creating a book trailer that will help add the visual aspect of your book or a tutorial DVD for your readers to enjoy.

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Media Services

BLI Publishing can and will assist you with getting the media cover you desire as a published author. We have access to television, print, and radio outlets, so your book and your career as an author will be on a national scale.

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Design and Layout Services

If you are only in need of a great front and back cover design, BLI Publishing can help you. Our team of great designers can render you the best book cover or back cover design concept, all from your thoughts. Trust us you won’t be disappointed. If you are not ready to take the journey to create a print book, then creating an e-book is the best option for your career as a author. Our e-book publishing services allow you to format and distribute your book, all you do is provide the content.

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