Right and Royalties

Your RIGHTS as a signed Author

We know that you want to know how you are going to earn money from your book but where do you get started? Simple. BLI Publishing only retains the rights to publish your work for 12 months of issued contract. That simply mean you cannot alter the title, make plot changes or change the cover to produce the work yourself while under the contract. Once your contract expires you can renew with BLI Publishing or take your show on the road. All manuscripts must be submitted to BLI Publishing no later than 45 days from the receipt of a signed contract.

Your ROYALTIES as a signed Author

The Author(s) shall receive 80% out of 100% of all royalties including any royalties from sales on the BLI Publishing Bookstore. All Royalties shall be divided 20% to Publisher and 80% to Author(s). In the event of the Author(s) demise all Royalties would then be paid to Author(s) estate or Author(s) heirs. Author(s) must execute a W-9 upon signing this Agreement as all Author(s) are liable for all applicable taxes payable to the United States of America and all other countries in which their Work is sold. All Author(s) will be issued a 1099-Tax form and all other government Tax forms of the countries in which their Work has been sold no later than January 31st of each and every year following the fiscal year that royalties are collected on behalf of Author(s) Work. Royalty payments will be made to Author based on the nature of the sale (retail, wholesale, author purchases). Royalty payments shall be made 45 days after the Work’s published date and then the last day of the month thereafter. Royalty payments shall only be made once a $20.00 threshold has been surpassed. If the $20.00 threshold has not been made then the payment will accrue until the threshold is met or exceeded. All royalty payments will be made in check format, unless requested by the Author to pay using other payment options. Cash is not an acceptable means for royalty payments. If Author chooses to receive royalty payment via an online system like, PayPal, then any processing fees is the responsibility of the author.