About BLI Publishing

BLI Publishing, a subsidiary of The BLI Group, is a fully comprehensive publishing company that offers services ranging from graphic design to full book publishing and ghostwriting/editing. We help authors and author hopefuls realize their dreams of seeing their body of works in print.

BLI Publishing not only publishes manuscripts for authors but the company also offers magazine layout and design services, professional writing and editing, ghostwriting, copywriting and other services to help your words come to life. We assist individuals, companies, non profit organizations, churches and major corporations across the country. Our motto is, “One word at a time to help you tell the world your story.”

BLI Publishing also has a full service marketing department to help authors promote their work in post production. Our book publishing process takes approximately 45 days, we don’t rush because we want your story to be ready to sell. For magazines we work on an as needed or contracted basis. The choice is yours.

If you are interested in learning more about BLI Publishing then email us at info@blipublishing.com.